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All Corals in this category are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Corals Are photographed under AI BLADE CORAL GROW. If you have any questions on a product, feel free to email us.

Soft Corals

This selection of corals is dedicated to soft corals such as Mushroom Corals, Zoanthid, Toadstool leather, and all corals without skeleton. Soft corals are some of the best beginner corals in the hobby. They are generally more forgiving, and do not consumer calcium and alkalinity as much as stony corals like acropora, montipora, euphyllia etc. Soft corals thriver in nutrient rich aquariums. This doesn't necessarily mean dirty water as much as it means that the water should be full of microfauna for the soft corals to consume. This can be achieved by adding live phytoplankton and pods to the aquarium as well as feeding your aquarium with coral foods like reef roids, reef nutrition products, and red sea AB+.

LPS Corals

This section is designated to LPS corals. LPS stands for Large Polyp Stony corals. These corals consist of a large fleshy coral polyp attached to a Calcium Carbonate skeleton. These corals are usually for beginner to advanced hobbyists depending on the species. In general, corals in this section are going to require moderate to low light and moderate to low light. LPS corals are notorious for loving coral foods, and some species are known to eat whole pieces of shrimp! LPS corals can be one of the most rewarding corals to grow, because when they thrive in an aquarium, they expand in size and develop beautiful colors. Some of the most beloved corals that are considered to be LPS are torch corals, hammer corals and frogspawn. These corals are perfect for adding color and movement to the tank.

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