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We carry a massive selection of Saltwater fish ranging from Damsels to Hawaiian dragon Eels. Our fish are sourced from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and Australia. Call ahead to see what is in Stock!


For most of our time, we were known exclusively as a marine fish store but now our freshwater section is equal in size to that of our saltwater fish. We stock a wide variety of tetras, live bearers, South American cichlids, African cichlids, and discus. Call ahead to see what is in stock!


We offer a wide variety of corals from Zoanthids to Acropora. our corals come from Indonesia, Australia, Tonga, Fiji, and the Caribbean. We have large colonies as well as plenty of frags for sale.


Aquarium Arts offers a wide variety of plants ranging from common plants like anubias to some of the more rare varieties of bucephalandra and ludwigia. Call ahead to see what's in stock!


Aquarium Arts stocks an excellent variety of saltwater and freshwater invertebrates. Call ahead to see what's in stock!



1810 W Baseline Rd #1, Mesa, AZ 85202, USA

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